Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grilled Lime Chicken Snackers

Leftovers.......My, what nice lunch possibilities they make.
Last night we had Rice Bowls with Lime Chicken for dinner and I had leftover dinner rolls in the freezer from weeks ago that I saved for such a occasion. The leftovers made for tasty Snackers the following day.

Grilled Lime Chicken Snackers
  • Grilled Chicken, cubed & tossed in fresh lime juice
  • Lettuce
  • Mayo, or favorite sandwich spread
  • Dinner rolls
If this was my lunch, I would have added cilantro and black beans (yes, beans...) to the sandwich. I would like to brag about my children's sophisticated palates, and I certainly added cilantro and black beans to the table for the Rice Bowls last night but cilantro is a love or hate herb and my kids don't love it. And if I had added beans to their sandwich, my name would be mud.

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