Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tip: Mini Sandwiches

** sandwiches are much more mini than they appear in photo

A few days ago my 5th grader, my baby, my sweetest of sweetest of children, informed me that although she loved her sandwich that I packed in her lunch box (a whipped pb&j), that by the end, she was just plain tired of it. She said no matter the sandwich, she may start out thinking, 'Yum! This is SO good!' but by the end she is thinking, 'I am soooo bored with this sandwich, I can't take one....more....bite!'

According to my children one of my jobs as the momma is to be the boredom buster. Therefor I made this for her lunch today, in an attempt to do my job.

I found these mini sandwich thins at my local grocers. I sent in each child's lunch box a Turkey and Cheese, a Whipped PB&J, and a Cheesy Tuna Sandwich, all in mini form.  Of course this same concept could be done with a regular sandwich loaf of bread by making a variety of sandwiches and quartering them.