Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh, That Blogger!

Blogger is acting up. I can't post pictures and I can't log out.

But while we are all here, I'd love to share this lunch box story with you. 

Just the other day, my daughter that is in elementary school said, "Mom, do you know what I would love to have for lunch before the school year is over?" I thought for sure that I had this answer. "Cafeteria food?" And she said "no- Lunchables".

About an hour my middle schooler walked in the door and said, "Mom, I wish that before the school year was over I could just once have Lunchables for lunch." My daughter in elementary said, "Heeeeeey, I just said that!" That was quite a coincidence!

So on the last day of school, I had to oblige just this once, so I sent them to school with their lunch box packed with a Lunchable. I added carrot sticks for good measure.

They both came home and said, "That wasn't as good as I thought it would be."

Moral of the story: Go with it. It won't hurt to cave in on something you don't agree with on occasion. And maybe, just maybe, they will appreciate what you have been sending with them all along.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

I love Caeser Salad for it's simplicity and yet bold taste. I have not yet made my own dressing from scratch but as I was preparing this wrap I decided I must do so and soon. It is so simple to assemble your own salad and now you can buy a kit and add your own chicken. All of these reasons is why it's such a great idea for a lunch box.

Chicken Caeser Salad Wrap
  • romaine lettuce
  • parmesan cheese
  • chicken, diced or sliced
  • caesar dressing
  • Flat Out
Layer each ingredient in the middle of the wrap and roll and wrap tightly in plastic wrap.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Breakfast English Muffin Sandwich

We all love Breakfast for Dinner, so why not some Breakfast for Lunch? Am I right or am I right?

The store bought English Muffins of today (such as Thomas' brand) are so moist and delicious, they don't have to be toasted, they taste great right out of the package. And because a fried egg hardly seems an option for a lunch box I used a boiled egg in it's place. I would prefer ham to make this more Egg McMuffin like, but my high schooler always chooses turkey over ham.

Breakfast English Muffin Sandwich

  • 1 English Muffin (I used Thomas' wheat)
  • 1 slice sharp cheddar
  • 2-3 slices ham or turkey
  • 1 boiled egg
  • mayo and/or mustard
  • pepper
Layer cheese, meat and egg on mustard and/or mayo smothered English muffin. Dust with a little pepper, the meat should have plenty of salt. Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tips: Give Them What They Want (within reason, of course)

Today's tip may sound like a no brainer, but I know first hand that some people (my husband) needs this reminder. Case and point: My husband thinks that he only needs to say "but it's good for you" and whoever he is saying it to will magically like the food he is mentioning. That may work for my husband (with the exception of peas) but I don't know if it works for anyone else I know.

So find out what fruits and veggies your child likes, and serve them that. I do occasionally try to reintroduce something my children haven't liked in the past because it can change, but my middle schooler doesn't like nuts, my high schooler likes a big honkin' salad (pictured above), my daughter in elementary doesn't like yogurt with chunks of fruit- so all of these things are considered while making their lunch. And that makes for happier children and a happier mom, because wasting food frustrates me more than slight pickiness.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hawaiian Sandwich


(that is a lonely pineapple piece at the bottom of the bread on the left)

I just polished off one of these sandwiches and it is a keeper! The cream cheese (pineapple flavored) makes it perfect for a lunch box. It prevents soggy bread which between the pineapple and bbq sauce, is bound to happen otherwise.

I do add spinach to the sandwich because I add it to everything. Except maybe a pb&j.

Hawaiian Sandwich

what you need:
  • Sandwich Thins
  • grilled chicken breast, cut into strips
  • bbq sauce
  • provolone cheese
  • pineapple cream cheese (you can make your own using this recipe)
  • spinach (optional)
what you do:

Spread cream cheese on both slices of bread. Sandwich Thins work best but it's worth a try with your favorite bread choice. Place spinach, if using, on one side. Add provolone. Toss chicken in bbq sauce, use just enough to coat chicken, but not too much. About 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons. Top with other bread slice that has also been spread with pineapple cream cheese. Wrap it up.
 (I like to wrap these types of busier sandwiches with plastic wrap and then foil) and toss it in the lunch box.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cheesy Tuna Sandwich

Tuna is a great source of the infamous OMEGA 3. Omega 3 can help with a list of things. As a matter of fact, here is a list from this site.

* They can help to increase your energy level.
* Might prevent certain types of cancer
* Improve your sleep
* Reduce inflammation
* Improve muscle recovery from trauma
* Help with arthritis.
* Provide lubrication to the skin, arteries, veins and intestinal tract.
* Help to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
* Help to improve concentration
* Benefit for diseases like: Alzheimer’s, depression and many other cognitively impaired situations.
* Reduces high blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.
* Might improve the healing capability for various health problems.
* Can improve constipation.
In other words, tuna fish sandwiches are a great lunch box choice. Here is a tuna fish sandwich recipe that's a little different from the basic. Switching things up a bit is always fun and keeps things from being ho-hum.

 Cheesy Tuna Sandwich
makes 2-3 sandwiches, depending
  •  2 5oz. cans of tuna, in water
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheese (I use colby jack)
  • 2 heaping Tablespoons of mayo (I used light)
  • bread
  • Spinach (optional)
In a bowl, add drained tuna, cheese, mayo and salt and pepper. Mix well. Can be used on almost any bread choice or even placed in small container with lid and sent to school with crackers.   

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Onion Sandwiches

Oh yes I did!

I grew up believing that I didn't like onions because my family didn't, but turns out I love them. But that is not why I had to try this tasty sandwich, because frankly I'd never heard of it until I read this beautiful book called Heaven to Betsy. May I share with you the part in the book about the Onion Sandwich?

  Sunday Night Lunch was an institution at the Ray house. They never called it supper; and they scorned folks who called it tea. The drink of the evening was coffee, which Mrs. Ray loved, and although Betsy and Margaret still took cocoa, their loyalty was to coffee for her sake.

The meal was prepared by Mr Ray. This was a custom of many years standing. No one else was allowed in the kitchen except in the role of admiring audience. He didn't object when Anna (the hired girl) or Mrs. Ray made a cake earlier in the day; he didn't mind the girls putting cloth on the dining room table. But in the kitchen on Sunday evenings he was supreme.First he put the coffee on..... He got a wooden bread board, and a sharp knife which he always proceeded to sharpen further. He sliced the bread in sensibly thick slices and he never cut off the crusts. Mr. Ray's opinion of sandwiches without crusts matched Mrs. Ray's opinion of tea on Sunday nights. The butter had been put to soften, and now around the breadboard he ranged everything he could find in the ice box. Sometimes there was a cold roast beef, sometimes chicken, sometimes cheese. If nothing else was available he made his sandwiches of onions. He used slices of mild Bermuda onions, sprinkled with vinegar and dusted with pepper and salt. About the use of pepper and salt Mr Ray had very positive ideas. He used his condiments with the care and precision of a gourmet. Not too much! Not too little! And spread so evenly that each bite had the heavenly seasoning of the one before.

"I'm not," he used to say with sedate pride, "the sort of sandwich maker who puts salt and pepper all in one place with a shovel. No, siree!" And then he would add, for emphasis, "No siree, BOB!"
The onion sandwiches were most popular of all with the boys who flocked to the Ray house.

Mr. Ray didn't mind company for Sunday Night Lunch; in fact, he liked it. The larger the audience, the more skill and ingenuity he displayed in his sandwich combinations. Tall, black haired, big-nosed, benevolent, an apron tied around his widening middle, he perched on a stool in the pantry with assorted guests all around the house.
The guests were of all ages...... Old and young gathered in the dining room around the table beneath the hanging lamp. The big platter of sandwiches was placed in the center. A cake sat on one side, a dish of pickles on the other. There was a simmering pot of steaming coffee, of course; but the sandwiches were king of the meal.

Without further ado- may I share with you this Heavens to Betsy/James Beard inspired Onion Sandwich-

(because the vinegar added in Mr Ray's sandwich wouldn't hold out too well in a lunch box, and neither would James Beard's parsley rimmed sandwiches)

Onion Sandwich

1 sandwich thin
thinly sliced onion (I always prefer Vidalia)
dried parsley
salt and pepper

Spread both bread slices with mayo. Sprinkle parsley on both sides. Add thinly sliced onion and add salt and pepper but not all in one place with a shovel, as Mr Ray warned!