Monday, August 15, 2011

Tip: Fun Shaped Fruit

Fruit salad is one of my kids favorites. Although it's true that fruit salad is pretty enough with all the different colors of fruit. And there are different shapes as is, with strawberries and the round grapes (and lets not forget the fun pattern a kiwi has).... using mini cookie cutters seems to make the extra special a little more extra special. 

I used a spring set of cookie cutters for the fruit salad pictured above, but my mini heart shaped cookie cutters are fun too, and will be great in February. I think the number cookie cutters would be a special way to celebrate a birthday in a lunch box.

Oh, the possibilities are endless!!

I like to make my fruit salad the day before, so the fruit can mingle overnight in the fridge. I think that a fruit salad that is already stunning and tastey gets kicked up a notch that way.

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