Friday, April 1, 2011

Tip: April Fool's!!

I recently heard a sweet story of an amazing and creative mom and this fun idea she did for her kids school lunch when they were younger and I knew I had to try it on my own children.

Sadly, I could find one plastic spider only. I made something different for my high schooler (she's recovering from a stomach illness so it was crackers and other bland foods for her) so I made these two sandwiches, wrapped them, and switched them around a few times so I wouldn't know who was getting the spider and threw one each on their lunch boxes. I just couldn't decide. I can't wait to hear which child was the lucky one.

That's my April Fool's tip.

Am a little too late in giving this idea? Nah! You could put a plastic spider in their after school snack or freeze some in ice cubes for dinner.

Recipe for the sandwich coming soon!

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