Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Layer Dip

A 5 Layer Dip (or a 7 Layer Dip, if that's how many layers your recipe has) can easily take the place of a sandwich in a lunch box. Especially if you have the right sized container to make the right amount of dip. My containers hold 8 ounces which is "a gracious plenty" (as my mother-in-law says) for my children.

A 5 Layer Dip for a lunch box is a great thing to make when you are already making the dip for an event but it's also easy to make after any Mexican dinner night, when you already have these ingredients on hand.

If you don't already have your own favorite recipe and would like to try my simplified version, here goes-

5 Layer Dip

refried beans
sour cream, with a little taco seasoning mixed in
shredded cheese

Evenly spread each item in order on a container. Serve with chips.

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