Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jalapeño Popper Sandwich

I am so excited to share this tastey sandwich. Obviously this one might not be for the young ones but the cream cheese tames the jalapeño so it's not too spicey for my family. And the bacon... oh the bacon. The moderation... why do we have to moderate? Using light cream cheese and only 2 slices of bacon makes this sandwich come in at 8 grams of fat and 190 calories. On days like this, the rest of the space in the lunch box is filled with fruits and veggies only.

Jalapeño Popper Sandwich

  • 8 oz light spreadable cream cheese
  • Jalapeño, 3-4 to taste, canned or roasted, diced
  •  bacon
  • whole wheat bagel thin
Make the cream cheese spread in advance by dicing jalapeño's and stirring into cream cheese and returning the mix to the cream cheese container and returning to the refridgerator. This will make enough jalapeño cream cheese for about 8 sandwiches. Per sandwich, spread about 2 Tablespoons cream cheese mix on bagel, top with 2 slices of bacon, top and wrap to send off to lunch.

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