Monday, September 12, 2011


Have you seen the Uncrustables in the freezer section at your grocery store and thought, 'By golly, that's just a PB&J without the crust...frozen...' and it's true, that is all it is. No secret recipe there.

But I say, don't waist any part of the sandwich, leave the crust on! Removing the crust can leave the child still hungry after lunch.

Making and freezing a PB& J is a wonderful idea though. I like to come home on grocery shopping day and use a whole loaf of bread to make PB&J's to stick in the freezer. It's wonderful to know that you have sandwiches already made for those days that you just don't have time, just snag from the freezer and toss into the lunch box. Of course, making your own (as opposed to buying Uncrustables) saves money and even better, you have the wheat or white option and can pick your own jelly; We always use an all fruit jelly but even better, I can choose raspberry, black cherry, etc. I don't think you get those options using the pre-made kind.

Oh, I just must write it out in recipe form. :)


  • Make a PB&J
  • Place in ziplock sandwich bag
  • Freeze


  1. Not at all. It can dry out though if the baggie isn't sealed well.