Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tips: Use a Variety of Breads

I believe I have mentioned before that I get bored very easily and I take the task of keeping daily life new and exciting very seriously. The lunch box (and food in general) is no exception for me.

My lunch box tip for the day is to keep a variety of breads on hand.

Think about a basice turkey and cheese sandwich.

We all know what it tastes like on two regular slices of sandwich bread. Good. Basic... but good. But it's a whole new sandwich when the turkey and cheese is on a multigrain ciabatta roll. Although not pictured, when turkey and cheese are served rolled up in a soft fluffy FlatOut flatbread, it's a whole new sandwhich. Serving it on a tortilla changes the meat and cheese/ bread ratio and changes the flavor too. Crackers with the turkey and cheese is another way to think outside the box and change things up and whatever you do, don't discount the hot dog bun. I use hot dog buns all the time and almost never for what they are intended for. Left over dinner rolls are always perfect and it's one of my kids favorites change ups.

So there you have it. If you need something a little different to the routine lunch box, simply change the bread.

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